A couple and one dog

Rudy's Brewing Co. is an independent kombucha brewery in Kuldīga, founded by a couple and a dog named Rudy in 2019.
We moved from St. Petersburg as we had a dream and ambition to start our own kombucha business in Europe. While experimenting at home in a 10-liter plastic bucket in the walk-in closet, we could not have imagined how things would change in a year. We managed to create a brand and name it after our beloved pet, Rudy the dachshund, who became famous in Latvia and abroad. This is even more inspiring for us to develop new ideas and product consciousness that have not yet been invented.


Rudy's Kombucha is a naturally fermented drink

We don't like sour and vinegary kombucha. Our experience with the fermentation process and careful approach to recipe development has helped us create superior quality products with rich and bold flavors distinct from anything else on the market today. Fermentation is an amazing process that can give ordinary foods flavors and aromas that are beyond imagination. Fermentation has been known to humankind for thousands of years, but only today does experience and technology make it possible to produce a product that brings all the benefits of vitamins and probiotics to you.


Authenticity. Only purely organic and natural ingredients

We produce what we love ourselves. That's why we use only organic ingredients free of flavorings and flavor enhancers when we make kombucha. We crush the fruits such as berries ourselves and use only fresh basil and mint leaves grown by a Kuldīga farmer. Since becoming fans of our business, we realized that this is the only way to get a high-quality and useful product. We don't use big factory production techniques or sales tricks intricacies. We are not trying to lower production costs. Our goal is a clean product.


It's unpasteurized. It contains no preservatives. It contains antioxidants, probiotics, and vitamins

We don't pasteurize or add preservatives because we want to bring all the vitamins and probiotics to our customers. That's why we pack kombucha in aluminum cans, protecting kombucha from light and oxygen, providing a longer shelf life, and preserving nature.



It is sugar-free kombucha.
We decided to go even further and create an innovative product with less than 15 calories/100ml. The result of a year of experimenting is sugar-free kombucha.
Sugar-free kombucha allows you to store it without a fridge for a year at no risk.


Why an aluminum can?

The answer is simple – we love our planet. The can as packaging is completely recyclable. It takes much less heat and energy to recycle a can than a glass bottle, which means less CO2 is emitted into our atmosphere. An empty can weighs 11 grams, and a bottle weighs 250 grams. A standard pallet carries 7,200 cans and a total of 3,500 bottles. It means that much less CO2 is emitted into our atmosphere when cans are transported. The aluminum can is the ultimate package for a future that has already arrived.


Carbon neutral

We are the first kombucha producer in Europe, striving to become Carbon neutral. We have reduced the used CO2 level to almost zero and use only natural kombucha carbonation. We plant trees to make our planet cleaner for our children and us.



Who says charity is only affordable to big companies? We decided to donate a few cents for every can to the clinic and animal shelter because each of us can help those in need.


That's the way kombucha should be.